Improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business by using our SMS Text Messaging system to send texts to your customers directly from Ibcos Gold.

Whether you want to send texts messages to individual customers manually or in bulk automatically, our SMS Text Messaging system is the perfect tool for any dealer that takes customer communication seriously.


Connect with Specific Customers

Send text messages to selected customers through the Mailshot system just like mailshot letters.

Send “Goods Received” Texts

Set up automatic messaging for the Goods Received program to inform customers that all the ordered parts are available.

Communicate Workshop Schedules

Send automatic messages to customers with workshop jobs scheduled for equipment on a particular day.

Go Manual

Send manual text messages to customers or suppliers from various areas of the system.

Identify Each Sender

Set the SMS Sender ID for each company to show who the message is from.

Set Up Unique Signatures

Provide each Gold user with a unique text message signature setup.

See All Enquiry Messages

View a list of all the text messages sent through Customer and Supplier Enquiry programs along with their delivery status.

Track Each Text

Keep a complete audit of the messages sent together and their delivery information.


How is it charged?

There is no licence charge for this module – it is free. However, you will have to pay a small fee per text along with a nominal standing charge.


Where in Gold is it available?

Customer Enquiry, Supplier Enquiry, Point of Sale, Goods Received, Workshop Scheduler, Workshop Entry, Wholegood Invoicing and the Mailshot system.


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