Create new customer accounts within your Ibcos Gold system faster by implementing Postcode Anywhere – a UK address auto-fill and validation service.

With this add-on, you can auto-complete and validate any mailing address in the UK, reducing costly errors and eliminating duplication.


Save Time on Manual Entry

Save Time on Manual Entry

Automatically populate postal addresses inside your Gold system and create customer accounts faster.

Avoid Account Duplication

Avoid Account Duplication

Enter a full postcode to see if the customer is already in the system and ensure you are not duplicating your efforts.

Organize Your Data

Organize Your Data

Keep all your addresses in the same consistent format for every user, every time.

Guarantee Data Accuracy

Guarantee Data Accuracy

Enter accurate customer addresses to ensure that all future searches in Gold are reliable.

Stay Up to Date

Stay Up to Date

Automatically pull all your information from the Internet to stay up to date with the latest postcode changes at all times.

Are there any restrictions? Are there any restrictions?

Depending on your license, you will have different lookup capabilities. Premise-level address lookups will display everything, including the house name/number and business name. The street-level option will NOT display the house name/number or business name.

How is it charged? How is it charged?

The system is licenced from Ibcos and then charged on a per-click (or credit) use by Postcode Anywhere. One credit is used for each premise-level selection, whereas the street-level option allows two selections per credit.

How is it set up? How is it set up?

Contact Ibcos to obtain a new license key that includes Postcode Anywhere. After that, Ibcos will create your Postcode Anywhere account for you.