09 April 2024

New Workshop Scheduler: A Comprehensive Way to Manage Your Workshop Needs

Workshop Scheduler comes with a variety of features that aim to simplify yet enhance the way you work. These minimise duplicate effort, promote intuitive working, and help you save time on simple tasks.

With real-time updates, you can manage the business better and smarter. This will not only improve your relationship with your customers and build trust through the accurate updates you provide them with, but it will also allow you to improve the relationship with your engineers by being able to better manage their workload.

With the various timeline views such as day, week, and month, you can easily track what is happening and when. The increased visibility and icon changes that show you the different statuses of a job will improve efficiency.

Workshop Scheduler reduces the need to repeat tasks. For example, the copy and paste feature enables you to easily copy a schedule and paste it to another day, time, or engineer. The un-scheduled task list allows you to re-schedule tasks at a time that suits you without having to create new tasks each time. These all reduce the need to start from scratch for every new job.

Whether your engineer is taking time off for holiday, training, or an illness, you can easily block out time for engineers without assigning them to a specific job. This will ensure that their available hours and days to work are accurate and up to date.

Advanced filtering lets you find the information you need in the quickest way possible. Filter by customer, item, model description, address, job status, invoice type and more!

With the new Workshop Scheduler fully integrated with Gold and Gold Service, managing your day-to-day tasks couldn’t get simpler!

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Alexandra King-Ellison Marketing Manager Ibcos Computers Ltd.

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