Cut down on hardware expenses and make your workshop faster and leaner by implementing the Ibcos Gold Service application on your existing mobile devices.

Available as an enhancement to the Ibcos Gold software, this new Service application is the perfect tool for dealers looking to improve their customer service and bolster their bottom line.

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Improve Communications

Free up your service department to proactively contact customers on a regular basis.

Boost Engineers’ Productivity

Empower your engineers to spend less time on admin duties and more on the work you pay them for.

Get Paid Faster

Start invoicing daily and positively impact your cash flow

Go Paperless

Take the next step towards a paperless workshop and boost your income in the process.

Go Mobile

Phase out expensive hardware and instead get more out of the mobile devices you already have.


What Our Customers are Saying

“Improving workshop efficiency and proficiency is a key area of focus for us, which makes the Gold Service application very handy since it allows our engineers to manage their time more effectively. By letting them submit their data when out on a job or at home if they haven’t been back to the depot, we are able to move closer to our goal of daily invoicing.
The best thing is that we can run the application on the mobile phones our team already has, so it’s one less piece of hardware to purchase and maintain.
We are already seeing plenty of benefits with this version of the Gold Service application and looking forward to the additional benefits it will bring to our business in the future.”

Judith Loversidge, Director, G&J Peck


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