After listening to your feedback, we have now made it possible to access all your favourite Web CRM features quickly and easily from your tablet!


Now you really can grow your pipeline anytime, anywhere.


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Web CRM Deals


Close More Deals, Help More Customers

Web CRM on Tablets

It’s Now on Tablets!

Access your CRM data using a web browser on multiple devices – whether it’s a tablet, laptop or desktop.

Customer Data in Web CRM

Access Customer Data at Any Time

Find, view and update relevant information, including customer profiles, with ease. Thanks to real-time integration with Ibcos Gold software, your data is always fresh and free of errors.

Sales Opportunity

Never Miss a Sales Opportunity

Create to-do lists to help your sales team follow up on important tasks, as well as hit the right customers and opportunities.

Customer Service

Provide Better Customer Service

Spend less time on manual tasks and increase customer satisfaction through well-timed, meaningful communications, making sure you service ongoing needs effectively.



What Our Customers are Saying


The integration between the new web CRM product and our existing data/history is real-time and saves a lot of initial inputting and housekeeping. It helps the team increase sales in many ways. It proactively targets our own customers using end of warranty and end of finance data, it targets competition by highlighting logged potential change dates and conversations from the past, and it suggests the appropriate actions when required. From a management point of view, conversations with customers are logged in one central place and reports are available to indicate neglected areas. I would recommend this product to other dealers and we are looking forward to developing with this new system.”

Graham Main, Managing Director, Peacock and Binnington



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